Happy Birthday Jaclyn Hill!

To begin this post, we’ll introduce the queen herself, Jaclyn Hill. A YouTube sensation who focuses on all things beauty and has grown her channel by over 4 million followers in just 6 years. Her success has been outrageous, collaborating with makeup brands such as Becca costmetics and Morphe, and promoting all things fashion on her personal Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as her Snapchat feed. Jaclyn gives a daily dose of her life all social media pages, but definitely let all her viewers live the dream as they followed her through her birthday vacation in Turks and Caicos. The YouTube star covered herself in her “Champagne Pop” by Becca Cosmetics highlighter and bathed in the sun with her family by her side. While doing so she let her audience in on some of the keys things she was sporting everyday. Not only did she rock Champagne Pop, but also let Kylie have a moment in the spotlight by rocking her new “Figi” highlight from her summer collection. She gave YouTube sensation Jeffree Star a little kudos as well, tagging him in her Instagram picture featuring his liquid lipstick, “Nude Beach.” But Jaclyn didn’t leave her subscribers with just info on makeup, she also tagged her jewelry, and some of the amazing outfits she wore. No doubt this trip was unforgettable for Jaclyn, but also for her fans, the so called “Hillsters.”
So from this Hillster, to the Hillster herself,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACLYN! Thanks for keeping my closet full and my bank account empty.

(I attached a link to her YouTube channel, now you can enjoy her videos yourself!)


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